• File Manager:
    Added outgoing file transfer sessions.
  • System Information:
    Added remote system information.
  • Remote Restart:
    Added remote restart.
  • TCP Tunnel:
    Added TCP tunnel feature.
  • UI:
    Redesign of the main UI.
  • Device Support:
    Dropped support for Android 4.x.
  • Interactive Access:
    Improved interactive access. Now using notifications when the app cannot be opened.
  • Remote Control:
    Improved support for menu, and recent apps button.
  • Clipboard:
    Added synchronize clipboard option for incoming connections for manual clipboard synchronization. Also added automatic clipboard synchronization for outgoing connections on Android 10 and higher.
  • Privacy:
    Improved prominent disclosure for accessibility service permission.
  • UI:
    Minor UI improvements.
  • UI:
    Fixed incorrect address when using RTL language.
  • Crash:
    Fixed crash in incoming connections.
  • UI:
    Fixed closing soft keyboard on some TV devices.
  • UI:
    Fixed orientation change on sound settings.
  • Security:
    Fixed auto disconnect when screen is off.
  • UI:
    Fixed address book visibility for incoming only clients.
  • UI:
    Hiding speech recognition button when action is not available.
  • UI:
    Fixed issue with displaying settings pages on some devices with big screens.
  • UI:
    Fixed bug in accept window permissions which could lead control permission being not changeable anymore.
  • Discovery:
    Added missing context menu to discovery items.
  • UI:
    Fixed notifications for Android 13.
  • Keyboard:
    Fixed sending backspace key from Amazon FireTV devices.
  • UI:
    Fixed bug that caused the permission profile dialog to disappear on orientation change.
  • Misc:
    Minor fixes.
  • Plugins:
    Support for new plugins.
  • Note:
    This is the last version supporting Android 4.4.
  • Stability:
    Improved stability when using MDM.
  • Session Permission Profiles:
    Easy management of permissions in all situations using permission profiles in security settings. We redesigned how permissions and passwords work from the ground up. Setup an arbitrary number of profiles to fit your individual use cases.
  • Online Status:
    Option to disable online state monitoring of other clients in the settings.
  • Session:
    Optional sounds for sessions.
  • Translation:
    Added korean translation.
  • Misc:
    Improved size calculation of shortcut icon.
  • UI:
    Fixed drawer layout on some devices.
  • Misc:
    Minor improvements and fixes.
  • Translations:
    Improved chinese translations.
  • Network:
    Fixed direct connection setup. It is more likely now to get a direct (faster) connection.
  • On-Premises:
    Fixed setting on-premises configuration.
  • Crash:
    Improved stability.
  • Misc:
    Minor improvements and fixes.
  • Crash:
    Improved stability.
  • New input method:
    Send full sentences and emojis. This fixes issues with non-english characters and non-standard input methods.
  • Send trace files:
    Added button to send trace file over active session.
  • File manager:
    Fixed file manager home path
  • Crash:
    Fixed crash when applying group policies.
  • Rendering:
    Fixed rendering issues of privacy statement and help center.
  • Key injection:
    Fixed injection of some characters.
  • Added support for new plugins:
    Added support for new custom plugins.
  • Translations:
    Improved chinese translations
  • Fixed proxy settings:
    Changes in the proxy settings were not applied.
  • Back Gesture:
    Fixed conflict between system back gesture and pie menu.
  • Plugin Download:
    Fixed plugin download on some devices when browser app is not available.
  • Added support for new plugins:
    Added support for new custom plugins.
  • Support for different configuration channels:
    Support for configuration via App Restrictions (e.g. Microsoft Intunes).
  • Image quality bugfix:
    Fixed remote image artefacts.
  • Bugfixes:
    Minor improvements and fixes.
  • Plugin management:
    Manage plugin through AnyDesk app to reduce number of launcher icons..
  • Crash fix:
    Fixed crash in session recording settings.
  • Auto switch to monitor with focus:
    Automatically switches to remote monitor that has the focused window.
  • Lock remote desk on session end:
    If supported by the remote desk, automatically locks remote desk when the session ends.
  • Auto disconnect:
    Disconnects incoming connections after a configurable time of inactivity.
  • Support for high quality screen transmission:
    See setting Preserve details for more information.
  • Compatibility with Samsung devices:
    Fixed injection of wrong touch coordinates on Samsung devices. Improved injection of special characters on Samsung devices.
  • Bugfixes:
    Fixed a couple of minor bugs.
  • New plugin version notifications:
    Added notification when a new plugin version is available.
  • Converting mouse events:
    Added option to convert mouse events to touch events.
  • Android 10 and newer compatibility:
    Fixed key event transmission on Android 10 and higher.
  • Bugfixes:
    Fixed a couple of minor bugs.
  • Edit mode for Address Book:
    It is now possible to add and remove address books and entries there.
  • Search function improved:
    Searching for multiple words in speed dial and address book.
  • Wake-on-Lan feature simplified:
    Wake on LAN now discovers wakable devices in network. No need to configure the wake source anymore.
  • Improved iOS support:
    Support for improved connections to iOS devices.
  • Bugfixes:
    Fixed a couple of minor bugs.
  • Bugfix:
    Fixed crash on Android 4 and 5.
  • Bugfix:
    Changed the default setting for interactive access back to When AnyDesk is visible.
  • Access Control List:
    Implemented Access Control List.
  • Address Book:
    Implemented read only Address Book.
  • Flexible Session Recordings:
    Session Recordings can now be started and stopped at any time.
  • Wake-on-Lan support:
    Android device can now be used to wake other devices in the same network.
  • Settings security:
    Settings can be now be protected by device security.
  • Scrolling in touchpad mode:
    Fixed 3-finger scroll in touchpad mode.
  • Bugfixes:
    Fixed a couple of minor bugs.
  • AndroidTV support:
    Improved support on AndroidTV (opening settings).
  • Speed dial items:
    Improved input validation when renaming speed dial items. Fixed shadows on speed dial items.
  • Improvements for AndroidTV:
    Improved link handling on AndroidTV.
  • Various other improvements:
    Improved file transfer. Improved online state monitoring when app is in background.
  • Kiosk mode:
    Support for kiosk mode if whitelisted.
  • Discovery feature security:
    Significantly improved security of Discovery feature.
  • Speed dial items:
    Replaced overflow button on speed dial items with long-press action.
  • Bugfixes:
    Fixed a couple of minor bugs.
  • New plugin:
    Added plugin for Android devices.
  • Bugfixes:
    Fixed a couple of minor bugs.
  • Bugfixes:
    Fixed a couple of minor bugs.
  • Bugfixes:
    Fixed initial file transfer button visibility.
  • New features:
    Support for multi-touch events, privacy feature settings, VPN, seeking in seesions player and support for dark mode.
  • Bugfixes:
    Fixed clipboard file transfer, improved network connection stability, keyboard and dpad navigation, other minor improvements and bugfixes.
  • New plugin:
    Added plugin for HTC devices.
  • New features:
    Improved speed on some devices, added color for speed dial items, added online state to discovered items.
  • Bugfixes:
    Fixed remote image artifacts, issue with incoming connections, other minor improvements and fixes.
  • New plugin:
    Added plugin for Savortex devices.
  • Bugfixes:
    Fixed vulnerability in session playback that could lead to files getting overwritten.
  • Fixed crashes:
    Fixed crashes due to invalid translations in some languages.
  • Bugfixes:
    Fixed some minor bugs.
  • Fixed crashes:
    Fixed several crashes due to invalid format in ukrainian translation and concerning stopping service.
  • Bugfixes:
    Fixed some minor bugs.
  • New features:
    Unattended access, Kickout feature and improved speed.
  • Fixed crash and bugs:
    Fixed crash in incoming connections and made minor improvements and fixes.
  • Remote control speed:
    Improved remote control speed.
  • Showing pointer:
    Showing pointer when remote control is possible and also on pointer move.
  • Incoming connections:
    Added default permissions for incoming connections in settings.
  • Discovery settings:
    Added settings for discovery.
  • Fixed configuration:
    Fixed configuration for interactive access.
  • Fixed lockups:
    Fixed gesture detection lockups.
  • Improved stability:
    The stability has been improved.
  • User interface:
    Improved user interface.
  • Tutorial:
    Showing a tutorial on first start.
  • Auto discovery:
    Auto discovery of other AnyDesk instances in local network.
  • Full screen mode:
    Toggle full screen mode.
  • Fixed OpenGL bug:
    Fixed OpenGL bug that could lead to graphic rendering errors.
  • Fixed file transfer:
    Fixed crash in file transfer.
  • Fixed own address card visibility:
    Fixed own address card visibility issue with custom client.
  • Fixed speed dial items:
    Fixed deleting wrong speed dial items.
  • Improved stability:
    The stability has been improved.
  • Added SpeedDial Feature:
    Favourites can be set in speed dial.
  • Address filter added:
    Search filter for speed dial.
  • Alias now available on Android:
    Custom Alias can be registered once in the settings.
  • SpeedDial features enhanced:
    Showing Alias and ID in SpeedDial menu and own address field.
  • Enhanced connectivity:
    Fixed error when terminating an incoming connection.
  • Audio settings optimized:
    Audio permissions are only requested when this feature is enabled in the settings.
  • Status available in the SpeedDial:
    Showing online states of session partner in speed dial.
  • AnyDesk now displays online status:
    Showing AnyDesk connection state.
  • Fixed connection error:
    Fixed pointer position on incoming connections.
  • Long life:
    Reduced battery drain.
  • Enhancements:
    Improved stability.
  • Fixed Bug:
    Fixed automatic language selection.
  • Fixed Bug:
    Fixed black screen on some devices.
  • Fixed Bug:
    Improved stability.
  • New Feature:
    Completely exit app when exit via back button when no connection active.
  • Fixed Bug:
    Changing user picture now immediately takes effect.
  • Fixed Bug:
    Improved connection to terminal server.
  • Fixed Bug:
    Improved reconnect on network change.
  • Fixed Bug:
    Fixed keyboard action in password dialog.
  • Fixed Bug:
    Improved double click.
  • Fixed Bug:
    Improved stability.

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