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AnyDesk's high performance Remote Desktop Solution allows creators to access High-End Workstations across devices and platforms from anywhere in the world.

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Be creative from anywhere

Access, edit, and transfer large files remotely​ with AnyDesk. Simplify your processes with a centralized and secure approach to managing your files across platforms and operating systems. From video, audio, and radio production to 4k high-resolution streaming and graphic rendering, all tasks can be smoothly performed.

Smooth and lag-free image transmission

Access bandwidth-intensive software applications in smooth HD quality with extremely low latency – even with low bandwidth as low as 100 kB/sec. Run Adobe Creative Suite with fluent on-screen experience thanks to AnyDesk high performance and efficient bandwidth use.

Remote backup management and File Transfer

Manage your files back home while working from abroad and ensure backups of your footage. AnyDesk provides lightning-fast transfer and intuitive copy and paste functionality. Initiating the File Transfer only takes a few clicks. This makes File Transfer feasible for teams working with large file sizes like 4K and 8K.

Secure and comprehensive file management

Remote File Sharing and Transfer with AnyDesk is always secure, ensuring your data is safe when sharing files across Remote Desktops. The file management tab runs parallel or independently of an AnyDesk session to provide comprehensive control and advanced remote File Sharing for professional creators.

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Remote video editing

Access video applications on Windows, Mac or any popular operating system and benefit from the full power of the hardware acceleration from Intel, NVIDIA, and AMD of your working stations. For a Remote Experience as if you were right in front of it!

Real-Time creative collaboration

Easily collaborate with other creators, whether you need support from your editing team or whether you are working on the same document from the other side of the world. AnyDesk’s industry-leading video-codec DeskRT helps you to work seamlessly from afar by reducing latency to a level imperceptible to the human eye.

Managing hybrid events

AnyDesk lets you use your video editor, provide non-disruptive support, or produce and manage simultaneous events from one location, saving travel time and costs. Take over your team's devices and perform tasks as if you were using their device directly. Ensure the highest quality of your projects thanks to AnyDesk.

Every operating system, every device

AnyDesk runs native clients on all major platforms.

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